Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Chinese immigrants in Africa

With China's interest in Africa also comes Chinese immigrants. The latest China Monitor reveals that South Africa recently overtook Mauritius as top African attraction for Chinese immigrants. It is estimated that between 100000 and 300000 Chinese live in South Africa, up from 30000 in 2001. Nigeria follows with an estimated 50000, Mauritius with 30000 and Zimbabwe with 10000. 

Although estimates these figures do tell the story that South Africa is increasingly seen by the Chinese as a springboard into Africa.










Alphaes said...

Why would Chinese immigrants go to Africa?

Anonymous said...

illigal chinese immigrants peoples flooding in africa not good for africa economically because chinese have attitudes problems with locals e.g no interaction mix racism or speak local language they bring their chinese workers from china to do job for less money not employing locals workers where there is high unemployemt in african countries bring resentment against chinese peoples see them as same white european colonials exploitations on african continents so i see chinese as news european scrambles in africa they chinese interest natural resources nothing else i my self dont like chinese peoples or china itself they are bad curse on on africa. thankyou.