Friday, August 22, 2008

On Cape Town's Monopoly vote

In contrast to Cape Town's relatively low cost of living when compared to international destinations, the City was voted third most expensive in the new edition of Monopoly.

The following cities were selected:
Dark blue: Montreal, Riga
Green: Cape Town, Belgrade, Paris
Yellow: Jerusalem, Hong Kong, Beijing
Red: London, New York, Sydney
Orange: Vancouver, Shanghai, Rome
Magenta: Toronto, Kiev, Istanbul
Light blue: Athens, Barcelona, Tokyo
Brown: Taipei, Gdynia

The euphoria of having Cape Town on the board game probably overshadows this minor misrepresentation.

On reflection,  Monopoly games can have quite an impact. For instance, I can't help thinking of Eloff and Jan Smuts streets as very expensive and Musgrave Road as the worst place to be (apart from the jail of course).

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