Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sustainable forestry vs illegal logging

Demand for resources poses opportunities for sustainable resource management. From Environmental News Network:

African nations could turn the demand for their natural resources currently driving deforestation and other destruction into a force for higher returns from sustainable development, WWF has said today.
“Certified, sustainable forestry yields far better returns for companies, communities and Congo basin countries than illegal logging ever will,” said Andre Kamdem, Head of the WWF Green Heart of Africa Initiative.
“Our challenge is to put the machinery in place to turn from plunder to preservation of resources and it is in the interests of the world to assist the nations of the green heart of Africa to do this.

From plunder to preservation is hard work. It does suggest some kind of mutual accepted contract (uphold by the rule of law) and an alternative or supportive finance framework. And yes, some respectful clients.

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