Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Prawns for Africa

I am not suggesting that mariculture farmers have taken notice of the call in The China Monitor earlier this year to diversify Africa's interaction with China.

In fact, they have been planning this project for over 6 years...

Sea Ark Africa have announced plans to develop a high-tech closed bio-secure 1200ha prawn farm in the Coega Industrial Zone. Although Sea Ark International is a US based company, it is planned that China Direct will provide and manage mariculture technology.

Given that environmental impacts are managed appropriately this sounds like good news. Business Day reports that one of the reasons for choosing Coega was cheap energy. Just wondered whether increasing energy prices would pose any risk?

See also link for full article in Engineering News.


CalmYourself said...

SeaArk Africa's website can be found here.

martin de wit said...

Thank you.
I have updated the link.