Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What Environmentalists Should Know about Economics

Dispelling misconceptions and myths about economics to environmentalists became such a large part of my work that I started thinking to write a book about it. Luckily, someone has done it already. 

Jason Scorse from Monterey Institute of International Studies published an on-line book on the topic. 

Further good news is that no economic background is required. The book is also fully downloadable.

Download the Book

What Environmentalists Need to Know about Economics - Entire Book

Download by Chapter

Table of Contents and Introduction

Part I: How Economists Approach Environmental Issues

Chapter 1 - The Root Causes of Environmental Problems

Chapter 2 - Determining the "Optimum" Amount of Pollution

Chapter 3 - Valuing Ecosystems

Chapter 4 - Putting Monetary Values on the Environment and Living Things

Chapter 5 - Valuing Future Generations

Chapter 6 - Tools to Address Environmental Problems: Taxes, Property Rights, Information, and Psychological Insights

Part II: Putting Economic Analysis to Work

Chapter 7 - Climate Change

Chapter 8 - Conservation and Biodiversity Preservation

Chapter 9 - Agriculture

Chapter 10 - Chemical Pollution

Chapter 11 - Fisheries

Chapter 12 - Deforestation

Chapter 13 - Population Growth & Technological Change

Chapter 14 - Demand-Side Interventions

Final Thoughts & Additional Resources

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