Friday, February 29, 2008

Green Economics in Africa

UNEP, celebrates the rise of a global green economy and called for an end to remaining barriers and fossil fuel subsidies (see article in WBCSD). What does green economics mean and which are the main green economic organisations in Africa?

Green economics, also refered to as ecological economics is a transdisciplinary field of academic research that addresses the dynamic and spatial interdependence between human economies and natural ecosystems. Its main focus is the "scale" conundrum: how to operate an economy within the ecological constraints of the biosphere. Ecological economics brings together and connects different disciplines, within the natural and social sciences but especially between these broad areas.

Some ecological economics organisations in Africa:
African Society of Ecological Economists
Forum for Economics and the Environment
Africa's Search for Sustainable Economic Trajectories (ASSET)
Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy in Africa
(Let me know if I have missed important ones)

How ecological economics contribute or should contribute to the development of Africa is a post for another day.

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blackstone said...

Thanks alot for these links! Your blog is very refreshing and chock full of information.