Saturday, February 2, 2008

Who reads this blog?

Saturday afternoon, siesta time in Cape Town.
It is 32 degrees C outside.

Fiddling a bit with the world behind the blogosphere.

This is the result.

From some great statistics on who reads this blog.

594 page loads, 346 unique visitors.

38% are South Africans (long last! almost thought Eskom and Telkom succeeded killing all energy in this country)
15% come from the US (must be a plus that I do not have a poll on Obama and Clinton on the blog)
8% from The Netherlands (university and social networks that last?)
8% from the UK (did not know my brother was that keen on my work)
7% from France (must have been that trip to Paris last week)
3% from Mauritius (thanks guys, I have not even posted one word about Mauritius yet)

Kenya and Uganda? 0.5% after all that stuff on food miles and Kenyan strawberries and the whole Ushahidi campaign..
Rest of Africa? zero.

Remember,this is a blog on Africa's development challenge...

Cold beer sound good, thanks. Have a great weekend.


Gordon Bishop said...

I read your blog, but seriously if you want to be heard and seen by Africans, go setup a blog at, a blog focused on Africa --- caio

martin de wit said...

Thanks Gordon, I had a look. This means I have to move the blog from blogger to bundublog. 4 months of
blogging lost!?.

Or am I missing a more friendly solution?

Anonymous said...

uh... interesting post