Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hot Stress?

From a contribution on the William Briggs blog:

A belief that mankind causes every bad event, excessive hand-wringing, frequent bowel movements, a tendency to lurk on internet message boards and post things such as, ‘There is a consensus! There is a consensus!’, an irrational desire to measure one’s personal ‘carbon footprint.’” But the most worrying of all is the, “Urge to make idiotic comments in public tying global warming to any event.”
Recognise any of this? You may well be suffering from GWSS (global warming stress syndrome).
Might have seemed plausible apart from the fact that the term does not yield any real tangible results on Google, nor the psychologists who said this. The only link is to the same post on Free Republic and this is what they are all about:
Free Republic is the premier online gathering place for independent, grass-roots conservatism on the web. We're working to roll back decades of governmental largesse, to root out political fraud and corruption, and to champion causes which further conservatism in America. And we always have fun doing it. Hoo-yah!
So, we will treat this a (funny) rubbish until proven otherwise.

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