Thursday, November 15, 2007

Kendal on the list of top ten CO2 polluters worldwide

Naturenews published a graphical overview on the highest CO2 emitting power plants in the world. South Africa is at no 8 on the country list with 201 Million tons per year, for which Kendall power station alone is responsible for 26 million tons.

And, if you thought that this is a only a Kendall problem, there is some bad news: Eskom is the second highest CO2 emitting power company worldwide:

There is no question about this - when will this start to cost us and how much?


mitchelledk said...

Right now there are far more important things than carbon getting all households onto the grid.Anyway europe as a continent has far higher emissions than south africa.

martin de wit said...

thank you for the comment. sorry forpicing it up this late as I am still figuring out how to optinmally work in the blogosphere.

Yes your argument is the official line. We have to grow first, get rid of poverty and then we can pay attention to the environment.

That is the old growth model, before the continued flow of natural resources and the environment started demanding a price.

There are enough options to do achieve this simultaneously though. I do not believe in silver bullets, but I do believe in creative, lateral thinking. Why not connect the grid and achieve carbon reductions? And in the proces earn some equity as well?

best, keep on blogging