Thursday, November 1, 2007

Kenyan strawberries are good for the UK (and for us Africans)

Eating Kenyan strawberries at Christmas, in other words, is not a guilty pleasure, it is (part of) a moral obligation!

This is the conclusion of a new paper from Benito Muller at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies. And surely one that deserves to be mentioned.

Kenyan strawberries have a comparative advantage above out-of-season UK grown strawberries. They are cheaper to produce, and are benefitting from something Africa has in abundance: sun. Even when emissions from long-haul flights are taken into consideration the argument holds, according to Muller. And, important for Africans, strawberries in Kenya contribute to jobs, livelihoods, income and human dignity in a continent where such (shall we call it basic?) goodies are hard to get.

For the full paper see:

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