Friday, November 2, 2007

Think twice about biofuels - WDR

The biofuels debate is raging. Not only given the obvious connections to energy and food security, as well as the impacts on land and water, but also because it is one of the development strategies contained in ASGISA.

The World Bank has added a word of caution in the latest World Development Report 2008.

"The challenge . . . is to avoid supporting biofuels through distortionary incentives that might displace alternative activities with higher returns. Governments need to carefully assess economic, environmental, and social benefits and the potential to enhance energy security. Other often more cost-effective ways of delivering environmental and social benefits need to be considered, especially through improvement to fuel efficiency"

For the full World Development Report:,,contentMDK:21410054~menuPK:3149676~pagePK:64167689~piPK:64167673~theSitePK:2795143,00.html

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